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013: How To Cultivate Curiosity Through Travel | Ft. Sabrina Pierotti

July 21, 2020 Tatum Skipper
20 Till Takeoff
013: How To Cultivate Curiosity Through Travel | Ft. Sabrina Pierotti
Show Notes

In episode 013, Sabrina recounts the moment her life changed when she traveled abroad to Florence, Italy. It was from then on that she knew travel would be in her life forever. She talks about the small, intimate experiences she had, how travel changed her life for the better, and the importance of making travel a priority in her life. Figure out how to cultivate your own form of curiosity from travel in this week's episode!

πŸ”₯ Hot Topics Mentioned in This Episode πŸ”₯

  1. Start of Travel Journey (3:29)
  2. How To Immerse Yourself in new cultures (10:06)
  3. How travel has helped her grow as a person (18:46)
  4. Ways to travel more (25:16)
  5. How Sabrina is preparing for things to "get back to normal" (28:13)

Quotes from Sabrina ✨

  • " I have this goal of taking on a simpler lifestyle "
  • " The value of small intimate experiences is a new perspective on life "
  • " Travel is a priority "

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