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018: How One Trip Took Her From Broken Hearted To Best Selling Author | Ft. Gabrielle Stone

August 25, 2020 Tatum Skipper
20 Till Takeoff
018: How One Trip Took Her From Broken Hearted To Best Selling Author | Ft. Gabrielle Stone
Show Notes

In episode 018, Gabrielle recounts how her life was completely flipped upside down in a matter of two months. She had been married for 2 years when her husband's affair came to light. She found herself falling into the arms of another man, when that too, fell through the cracks. What was supposed to be the start of a new journey with a new man traveling to Europe together, ended up resulting in her going on an epic solo trip. Gabrielle discusses how this trip transformed her life, got her out of her comfort zone & inspired her to become the badass she is today. We talk all things fear, travel, and her book, "Eat Pray #FML".

🔥 Hot Topics Mentioned in This Episode 🔥

  1. How her life was completely turned upside down (3:29)
  2. How travel helped her pick herself up after all of that heartache (6:58)
  3. The fears that surround her going on this first-ever solo trip (10:18)
  4. Should you love yourself before you give love to others? (13:55) 
  5. Finding herself on this trip  (15:12)
  6. Transitioning "back to reality" (17:46)
  7. Advice to people who might be in the same position she was once in (19:27) 
  8. Details about her book "Eat, Pray, #FML" (23:50)
  9. How this whole experience has changed her as a person (25:20)
  10. How her life would have looked if she hadn't gotten out of her comfort zone (27:29)
  11. What does love look like for Gabrielle now & in the future (28:49)

Quotes from Gabrielle ✨

  • " This was the universes way of making my face that shit head on "
  • " I realized what a strong badass woman I was and how capable I was "
  • " Every person has that courage within themselves, they just have to find it"

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