20 Till Takeoff

020: The Time is NOW | Ft. Tatum Skipper

September 08, 2020 Tatum Skipper
20 Till Takeoff
020: The Time is NOW | Ft. Tatum Skipper
Show Notes

Hey babes,

This week is a little different--I'm coming on here to share some much-needed words of encouragement (and a little kick in the ass 😜). I want you to know that NOW, in this present moment--is the right time to start. Not tomorrow, not next week, but NOW.

I know times are uncertain, but you babe, are in control of your own life. You've heard stories from previous episodes on how travel can change a person's life.

In this short but sweet episode, I give you some encouragement AND permission to go on new adventures, get out of your comfort zone, celebrate small wins and conquer the world.

Also--thank you for all of the support thus far. 20 episodes and 1200+ downloads later, I am damn proud of my accomplishments. None of it would be possible without you guys! 💖💋


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