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023: The Importance Of Storytelling In Life & In Travel | Ft. Hannah Fleace

September 29, 2020 Tatum Skipper
20 Till Takeoff
023: The Importance Of Storytelling In Life & In Travel | Ft. Hannah Fleace
Show Notes

In episode 023, Hannah and I talk about the importance of storytelling. She dives deep into a past experience that changed her outlook on life. Think about it, what is the cost of NOT sharing your story? You never know who might be listening or watching. Travel can gives you the extra material you need to tell amazing stories, but it can also connect you on a deeper level to a destination. If you have a story to tell, we say, go for it!

πŸ”₯ Hot Topics Mentioned in This Episode πŸ”₯

  1. The story of when she was most scared in her life (4:02)
  2. The thoughts and emotions she had during this scary adventure (8:56)
  3. Her thoughts about the adventure afterward (11:05)
  4. How can travel help you get over fears (12:59)
  5. What value storytelling brings to people (14:57)
  6. Does traveling make you into a better storyteller? (18:17)
  7. Advice to people out there who are scared to tell their stories (20:18)
  8. The cost of not traveling and going on new adventures (22:58)
  9. How travel and storytelling has changed her as a person (30:47)
  10. What makes a good storyteller (32:49)

Quotes from Hannah ✨

  • "It's okay to not finish if you learned the lesson "
  • " Storytelling is therapeutic "
  • "If you aren't telling your story, someone else is filing in the blanks"

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