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024: Moving Across The Country To Pursue Her Dreams (Female Perspective) | Ft. Alicia Baldino

October 06, 2020 Tatum Skipper
20 Till Takeoff
024: Moving Across The Country To Pursue Her Dreams (Female Perspective) | Ft. Alicia Baldino
Show Notes

In episode 024, I sit down with Alicia to chat about her big move across the entire United States to pursue her dreams. Leaving her family, friends, and job behind wasn't easy, but something inside of her knew she wanted something more in life. Alicia set out on a cross country road trip from New York to California to "test the waters". Now, 5+ years later, her business is thriving and she has a new perspective on life.

πŸ”₯ Hot Topics Mentioned in This Episode πŸ”₯

  1. Her journey moving across the country to start a new life (3:58)
  2. Her emotions of setting out on this new journey (15:42)
  3. How she coped with change after moving to California (18:19)
  4. What her life would look like if she hadn't gotten out of her comfort zone (25:23)
  5. Advice to people who want to get out of their comfort zone (32:35)
  6. What this whole experience has taught her about life and taking risks (35:43)
  7. How travel has impacted her personal life and her business (37:06)

Quotes from Alicia ✨

  • " Being scared of what you really want to do is what ignites us "
  • " To get rid of fear you can just insert other things that make you happy into your life "
  • " The difference is the people who ACTUALLY make it happen"

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Alicia was nice enough to hook you guys up with this special gift: Guide to getting your first virtual client (and setting you up with a virtual business!): https://thevirtualhustle.co/contact


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