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033: A Trip Within A Trip: An Ayahuasca Ceremony Experience in Peru | Ft. Karen McFarlane Holman

March 09, 2021 Season 2
20 Till Takeoff
033: A Trip Within A Trip: An Ayahuasca Ceremony Experience in Peru | Ft. Karen McFarlane Holman
Show Notes

In episode 033, Karen brings us along with her as she relives her incredible experience in the Peruvian Jungle while participating in a sacred Ayahuasca ceremony. Her story starts out with an impromptu invitation which turned into a week's worth of intense, yet liberating realizations. Come along with us on this trip within a trip.

🔥 Hot Topics Mentioned in This Episode 🔥

  1. How she decided to go on the Ayahuasca trip (4:26)
  2. The feelings and emotions she had before heading out on this trip with a friend she barely knew (6:46)
  3. What made her say "fuck it" let's do this? (11:31)
  4. Fears, doubts, and beliefs she had once she landed in Peru (12:59)
  5. What exactly is ayahuasca? (15:37)
  6. If there was a particular reason she wanted to do the ayahuasca ceremonies (19:27)
  7. What the entire ayahuasca experience was like (24:20)
  8. Did she have a good, bad, or combination of both experiences? (31:43)
  9. If she had any fears during the ceremonies (41:33)
  10. How the ayahuasca retreat benefitted her mind and body (43:31)
  11. How the entire experience got her out of her comfort zone (45:12)
  12. How the entire experience changed her (49:33)
  13. Advice for anyone who wants to have an authentic Ayahuasca experience (52:16)

Quote from Karen✨

  • " I wanted to seek acceptance for what is"

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